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Meet Pioupiou

This compact sensor is all you need both for work and leisure.

With "Pioupiou" meaning "little bird" in French, the sensor can perch anywhere, allowing its owner to check wind direction and speed without getting off the couch.

Despite its modest size, this chick is fully independent in terms of energy and network connection and positions itself on the map thanks to its built-in GPS.

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Is your project about covering the entire railway infrastructure? Do you need your sensor to sustain Siberian winter? Whatever it is, let us know and we’ll try our best to find a tailor-made solution for you.

Our sensors aren’t on Mars yet, but we’ll be happy to accept the challenge :-)

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Since 2014, when we ran the first crowdfunding campaign to deliver the first prototypes, we gained the love and trust of our customers and created the first wind network that unites all its users.

Today, over 650 wind meters have been installed and extensively tested in France in the most diverse conditions, including salty seaside and the summit of the Alps.

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Open data

We believe that the future of weather is sharing. That's why we want the measurements to be freely available to everyone. And anyone can contribute to expansion of this open network by simply installing the sensor on his or her favorite spot.

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